Yoga Nidra



45 mins $55

Yoga Nidra is the liminal space between wake and sleep. It is an ancient practice that allows you to move through the energetic layers of the self to access true bliss. Through this guided meditation, you can experience deep rest and restoration, clear and relax the mind, ease depression and anxiety, and reignite your creativity. ​
Yoga Nidra can be deeply restful and restorative-- although it does not replace sleep, 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra can be equivalent to the restfulness of 4 hours of sleep. ​

Yoga Nidra may be experienced in many different ways. During a Yoga Nidra practice, you may experience feeling relaxed yet alert, an influx of creative thoughts, falling asleep, the space between wake and sleep, awareness of the energetic layers of the Self, or gain spiritual or personal insight/ clarity.
No matter what experience occurs, there is no way to practice Yoga Nidra in a way that is “wrong.” Even if the body is asleep or seemingly unaware, the part of the Self that hears the Yoga Nidra meditation is always listening.

Yoga Nidra allows you to develop an awareness of the Self and can provide many experiences and benefits:

  • Balancing the chakras

  • Accessing your highest Self

  • Empowering goals

  • Navigating grief