Class Descriptions


Warm up with a classic flow, and then take the ashtanga standing series at a slower pace. Each pose will be held for 10 breaths rather than 5 to really amp up the heat! The sequence will be the same every class, a benefit of this is the ease of measuring progress! Class will end with guided meditation and a relaxing savasana.

No yoga experience necessary… beginner friendly.

basics I
This hatha class is for the true beginner or anyone who is interested in getting back to basics. You will be meticulously guided through each pose so that you can learn proper alignment and breath work. 

basics II

Build on the basics and grow your foundation in your yoga practice. A form of Hatha Yoga, which is one of the oldest forms of yoga. Slow things down and allow yourself to focus on your alignment in detail. In basics II options for more advanced poses offered while still staying accessible to all levels.

flow I

Traditional yoga meets modern in this vinyasa style class. With creative movement, breath work, strength and relaxation. Modifications are offered throughout. Accessible to all levels.

flow II

A more advanced option to our flow I class, however it is still accessible to all levels. Incorporate more arm balances, inversions and deeper variations of poses into your yoga practice. Meant to inspire and push you to a greater limit within yourself. Some experience is encouraged but not necessary. 

gentle flow 

A very gentle yoga flow class suitable for all levels. Move slow through each pose guided by your breath. Great for someone coming back from injury or re-joining a yoga practice. Often times includes meditation and/or pranayama. 

gravity yoga 

Gravity Yoga is designed to unlock your mobility and flexibility! It is a mat-based, targeted mobility training method that helps students with stiff backs, locked up hips and tight hamstrings. Using the 3 principles of Gravity Yoga, these practices can radically transform your flexibility and mobility and help you to reduce stress. Very suitable for all levels! 

A high intensity, low impact, interval training class that focuses on the whole body. Optional use of weights will be offered. The perfect supplement to a yoga practice. Fun music, High Energy, Good Vibes!

power flow
Find your strength in this powerful vinyasa class. You will flow through poses building stability and toning muscles while maintaining awareness of the breath. This faster paced class is meant to amp up your heart rate a bit and increase stamina. It is recommended that you have some experience with working out and/or yoga however, as with any class, modifications will be offered.


A very gentle class. You will spend most of the time of your mat stretching while incorporating meditation and pranayama. Many modifications are offered. A great offset to a regular yoga practice or other demanding physical activity. No experience is required. The use of props will be offered (we have what you'll need in studio if you don't bring your own).

yin bliss

In a dim candle-lit room, you will be guided through passive postures to stretch your deep connective tissue and relax your body. There will be added amenities like guided meditations, sound bowls, aromatherapy and spa like music to allow you to fully surrender. The ultimate relaxation and self-love practice. This class is appropriate for all levels.